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In this page, KARG entries can be queried using a variety of parameters. We provide SIX types of search strategies against KARG: organism query, entry ID query, protein domain query, drug addiction type query, analysis strategies query and pubmed ID query.

KARG Simple Query
Query KARG Using Entrez Gene ID
KARG Advanced Search
Search by Entry ID [eg : EVIM0152]
  • Search by Addiction Drug Types [COCAINE, OPIOIDS, ALCOHOL, NICOTINE]
  • Search by Protein Domain [eg : IPR001578]
  • Search by Pubmed ID [eg : 12629581]
  • Search by Analysis Strategies [eg : Microarray, Proteomics, LT Reports, Database Annotations]
  • Search by Organism [eg : human, rat, mouse]
  • KARG BLAST Query
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