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For each addiction related gene, evidences from various strategies have been listed in detail. In addition, each gene were further annotated with various online databases including basic information, gene ontology annotation, protein interaction and domain information.

Basic Information
Gene ID:664
Official Symbol:BNIP3
Other Aliases:NIP3
See related:HGNC:1084|MIM:603293|HPRD:04482
Gene Description:BCL2/adenovirus E1B 19kDa interacting protein 3
Gene type:protein-coding
Gene Structure:
Genomic Context:
KARG Evidence 1
Entrez Gene ID:664
Evidence Type:Microarray
Evidence ID Type:PUBMED
Evidence ID:15816859
Addiction Drug:ALCOHOL
Addiction Drug Detail:ALCOHOL ABUSE
Addiction Brain Area:Prefrontal Cortex
Drug Effects:Downregulated
Fold Change:-0.51
Mapped Allen Brain Atlas (Click to check expression images in Allan Brain Atlas)
Mouse Entrez Gene IDBrain RegionBrain Region DetailExpression LevelExpression Density
Gene Ontology
Gene IDGO IDEvidenceGO TypeGO Description
664GO:0001666ISSProcessresponse to hypoxia
664GO:0005515IPIFunctionprotein binding
664GO:0005635IDAComponentnuclear envelope
664GO:0006309IDAProcessDNA fragmentation during apoptosis
664GO:0006338IDAProcesschromatin remodeling
664GO:0006800IDAProcessoxygen and reactive oxygen species metabolism
664GO:0006917IDAProcessinduction of apoptosis
664GO:0008219IDAProcesscell death
664GO:0008219ISSProcesscell death
664GO:0008634IDAProcessnegative regulation of survival gene product activity
664GO:0016021IEAComponentintegral to membrane
664GO:0031307IDAComponentintegral to mitochondrial outer membrane
664GO:0031966IDAComponentmitochondrial membrane
664GO:0031966IMPComponentmitochondrial membrane
664GO:0042803IDAFunctionprotein homodimerization activity
664GO:0045837IDAProcessnegative regulation of membrane potential
664GO:0046902IDAProcessregulation of mitochondrial membrane permeability
664GO:0046982IDAFunctionprotein heterodimerization activity
664GO:0051402ISSProcessneuron apoptosis
664GO:0051607IDAProcessdefense response to virus
Interaction Information
Gene Product IDInteractant Gene IDInteractant Gene Product IDInteractant Gene Product NameSourceSource ID
NP_004043.2961NP_001768.1CD47 molecule isoform 1 precursorHPRD03017
NP_004043.2961NP_001768.1CD47 molecule isoform 1 precursorHPRD04482
NP_004043.24686NP_002477.1nuclear cap binding protein subunit 1, 80kDaHPRD02717
NP_004043.24686NP_002477.1nuclear cap binding protein subunit 1, 80kDaHPRD04482
NP_004043.2664NP_004043.2BCL2/adenovirus E1B 19kD-interacting protein 3HPRD04482
Domain Information
Gene IDUniprot/Swissprot IDUniprot/Swissprot ACCInterpro IDInterpro Short DescriptionInterpro Long Description

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